Estate Planning

Estate planning is the legal process of preparing for the distribution or transfer of one's estate upon death. This is an important legal matter to consider throughout the various stages of your life and may be adapted as your needs and assets change. Estate planning is generally provided through a will prepared by a qualified attorney who can clarify your specific estate needs including:


  • Ensuring that minor children are cared for and assigned a guardian
  • Delegating a power of attorney
  • Instructions for health care and life insurance benefits, as well as organ donations
  • Itemization and distribution of properties to beneficiaries
  • Identifying all beneficiaries
  • Resolving any debts or unpaid taxes
  • Arrangements for funeral expenses and proceedings


To ensure that each stage of your life is adequately addressed, you should evaluate your estate planning around significant time frames and events:


Age 25 years or younger and unmarried — most people in this age bracket are not considering estate planning, however you should consider drafting a will if you are wealthy, possess valuable properties or businesses, or are critically ill.

Unmarried life partnerships — if you have a life partner and are unmarried, a will is highly recommended. The distribution of assets to unmarried partners is generally not provided for by state laws, so an unmarried partner would receive nothing unless specifically provided for within the context of a legal will.

Married with children — it is essential to provide for the continued care of your spouse and establish guardianship of minor children who are not yet 18 years of age.

Middle aged or retired status — at this stage of life, you should have a will, especially if you own several properties and investment assets. Avoiding probate processes can save time and money for your survivors and provide an easier transition for your loved ones.

Senior citizens — this is the most important time period to engage in estate planning. It is preferable to already have a will prepared as you enter into your golden years.

Be sure that your estate plan is fully verifiable by collecting contact information, bank account receipts, and other important documents. Copies of insurance policies and marriage agreements should be kept for further reference. We can assist you in preparing the necessary documentation to avoid disputes over distributions.

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