Water Law

Water law can be a complicated issue that requires the services of an experienced attorney familiar with the specific regulations of your area.

Specific water rights we can assist you with include:

  • Facilities administration
  • Title transfer
  • Formation
  • Water organization administration
  • Water rights administration
  • Water quality compliance
  • Adjudications (registrations, claims, contests and maintenance of use)
  • Interpretation and enforcement of decrees
  • Applications and protests
  • Permits
  • Conditions
  • Certificates
  • Temporary leases
  • Transfers
  • Well construction and abandonment
  • Preservation of water rights
  • Acquisition, due diligence, and sales


Additionally, we can provide you with assistance interpreting:


  • Domestic and agricultural water associations regulations
  • Federal and state government regulations and contracts
  • Litigation, hearings, and appeals
  • Land use and contracts for property interests

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