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Product liability, agricultural and dairy product performance, commercial transactions, breach of contract, property damage, insurance coverage and more are just an example of the kind of cases that can arise in the agriculture and farming industry.

If structured correctly, an operation may be able to take advantage of the following benefits:
How to benefit from being incorporated
How to significantly reduce/eliminate self-employment tax
Deduct living expenses
Deduct medical expenses for the family

As time passes, everyone needs to consider planning for their future as they reach their golden years. Elder Law focuses on the needs of seniors and their families.

As a business owner, you can choose to operate your company in a variety of structures. Each of these forms of incorporation provides certain benefits and also certain limitations.

Estate planning is the legal process of preparing for the distribution or transfer of one's estate upon death. This is an important legal matter to consider throughout the various stages of your life and may be adapted as your needs and assets change.

Understanding the legalities of the Farm Services of America regulations can be daunting.


In the western part of the US, a closing is conducted in a title company office where both parties are not required to be present, and the funds are held by the title company or a trusted person to ensure an orderly transaction.

The initial step is to set up a set of Wills and Power of Attorney’s or Trusts to fit your needs. However, from there, the real goal is to structure a plan that allows for flexibility and control as you move forward.

Water law can be a complicated issue that requires the services of an experienced attorney familiar with the specific regulations of your area.

A wind energy attorney can provide specialized counsel to a wide range of individuals including developers, lenders, landowners, and others on the specific legalities of wind project development, construction and finance.

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